Thanksgiving Tech Tip-Cervical Spine

by admin on November 24, 2011

How many manual techniques do you see in this picture? Hint: It’s less than 6 and greater than 4. Yup, you guessed it 5. Now the break down. The patient’s cervical spine is positioned toward the right extension quadrant (ie closing the right facet of C4 on C5). With a grade mobilization (III-IV) toward the body of T1 we could assist in the right facet closure. With an assisted mobilization, the patient could aide us with an active movement of extension and right rotation as we sustain pressure with our right contact acting as a fulcrum blocking C5. With Mucles Energy Technique, we could resist left flexion quadrant flexors and further move into the right extension quadrant after relaxation. With High Velocity Thrust, we could direct our Grade V force through our right contact toward the vertebral body of T1. Or finally, we can use this same position as an Indriect Technique (Strain and Counterstrain) for an extension sensitive segemental treatment. 5 for the price of 1. Not too bad, huh?


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Irma November 25, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Thanks! Great Tech tip!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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