Cervical Rotation Lateral Flexion Test

by admin on March 24, 2012

Happy Spring! This test was first described by Lindgren (1990) to be helpful in determining 1st rib elevation/hypomobility. By rotating the head/neck fully to the right (in this pic) and then laterally flexing toward the chest, you can assess the freedom of C7 to move with respect to T1/1st rib. If movement is limited, an elevated/hypomobile first rib on the left is likely to have blocked the transverse process of C7 on the left (in this pic) from fully rotating right and laterally flexing toward the chest. Simply mobilize/depress the left rib and reassess for improved range. Good Luck.


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Gary July 10, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Nice Test!! I completely forgot about this assessment tool. Love it and will use it again. Thanks Mark


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