Visceral Tech Tip

by admin on June 30, 2012

I’m excited to pass this one on to you guys. Irma and I just took a visceral course 2 weeks ago and loved it. It made me realize how much more manual therapy there really was out there. This tip is a simple one to keep in mind when your next patient comes in complaining of right shoulder pain but everything seems to test normal. Apply firm pressure over the right subcostal margin at the mid clavicular line and ask them to inhale. If the symptoms are evoked, you’re likely dealing with a sick little gall bladder. Common compliant is a reproduction of symptoms after eating (esp. spicy foods). It seems to also present more often in fuller-figured fertile females of fair complexion over the age of forty. (I count 6 F’s.) PS Try out a visceral or craniosacral course if you get the chance. You might just like it.


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