Meet Mark

Dr. Mark Gugliotti, PT, DPT, MS, BSc, OCS, COMT, CCES
Diplomat, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

Mark GugliottiNot too long ago I gave thought to something that had been troubling me for some time. Why aren’t we putting the patient first? It seemed there was more industry in the healthcare industry than actual healthcare. Shortly after, Joint Effort Therapeutics was born and has committed to putting the patient first ever since.

I’ve always felt truly blessed in knowing what career path I was to follow. I began my studies in 1988 at the University of Connecticut in the concentration of exercise physiology. For two years following, I travelled to The Netherlands were I earned my degree in physical therapy. I was impressed with the European health care model. Its holistic approach was very much geared toward treating people and not just their disease. When I returned home, I began my post-graduate education in the specialty of Orthopedics at Touro College on Long Island. It was here I earned my clinical doctorate.

In 2007, I was successfully treated for blood cancer. This experience helped me realize the rehabilitative needs of the more than 12,000 cancer survivors. It has been my pleasure to work with this unique population and assist them in regaining their self- esteem and achieving a returned sense of empowerment.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you while providing a holistic approach to your healthcare. I’ll listen to all your needs and commit to serving them one at a time. I promise!